Ed Askew

Some of My Goals

  County Roads

Currently our county gravel roads are in horrible shape. The lack of continual maintenance and the use of sub-standard Slag has created road conditions that hamper agricultural and personal vehicles. 

We need to start the process of repairing the road bed with quality limestone gravel that can be obtained from local Muscatine quarries, repairing and replacing culverts that are failing and cleaning the ditches along the roads. 

These problems and more I will address by setting up a Roads Committee with Doug Holiday to work with the residents that live on these gravel roads and the farmers that use them.

County Fair Grounds

Our county fair grounds need improvements and maintenance that the Board of Supervisors can address. The supervisors should increase their budget contribution to at least $100,000 per year so the Fair Board can utilize their revenue to improve the fair grounds. The improvements I think the Board of Supervisors should help facilitate are:

Upgrade the Grandstand to include:

• ADA bathrooms and parking

• More concessions

• More seating 

• All-weather booths under the grandstand

• More paved parking all over the fair grounds

• Improve other all weather buildings so they can be used all year round

Business Development

We need to set up a Business and Economic Development group made up of supervisors and business leaders in Muscatine county. This group will work with local chambers of commerce and other interested parties to promote business growth in all areas inside the county. The focus will be on creation of jobs and improvements in wages for all workers and businesses inside the county. 

We need to make Muscatine County a place where anyone from a high school graduate to college graduate can find employment with a future and stay in the county.

Complaint Tracking

County residents have informed me that county offices and personnel do not respond to their complaints and there is no record of whether the complaint was ever received by the county.  This type of customer service will be change if I am elected to office along with another supervisor candidate, Henry Marquard.

We will set up a complaint system inside the county offices where a county resident can register a complaint by:

• Call, Email, Text, Write a letter

• A complaint into a central location. This county staff person will then:

• Log in the complaint, Notify the county department that handles the complaint,  Follow up with the resident to see if the problem was corrected.

• A report will be generated by this county department and reviewed by the supervisors monthly.  Corrective action will be required by the supervisors if complaints are ignored.